Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A good cup of coffee?

Au Bon Pain is definitely one of Northeastern Students' favorite places. You'll know that by just passing by it at any time during the day: it's always crowded. It might be its great location, it must be the rays of light that come into the local during the day through it's transparent walls. It might be the good service or the tasty pastry and treats you might find there.

I'm not so sure about the coffee though. Not that good for such a great place like Au Bon Pain. I would definitely improve their coffee flavors, not that they don't have enough of them because they actually have many, but its flavors are almost flavorless and taste pretty much the same to me. I could say that is the only thing they could improve (not a small thing though, since they are a coffee place).

Even though I do not think it is the best coffee in town, I would still recommend anyone going there. There is nothing like seating at Au Bon Pain and having a quite breakfast in the morning while watching people pass by.

If you want to find out about other coffee places, check our Caffeinated campus map here

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