Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Learning in Wired Journalists

I think Wired Journalists is a great social network for journalists and I like the fact that it is prepared for all kinds of journalists such as students like us, who still need to learn a lot. Browsing it is easy and uploading the photographs a piece of cake.

I chose this picture because it captures part of the great skills of this dancer on the street.

You can see my other two pictures in my profile in Wired Journalists.

I think Wired Journalists should be more exploited and used by journalists. Maybe we need to “spread the word” so more journalists will join it and we’ll have even more people to learn from because it is really good.

The group I joined in Wired Journalists is “New multimedia.” In it I found “Live reporting the written news!” which presents a new tool for bloggers. The program is called coveritlive and it is a great program I’ve never heard of before joining this group. The program makes possible that while the blogger is writing in his or her blog, the readers can actually see what the person is typing in real time.

Thus if you are not near your computer but you have a blackberry or an Iphone, you’ll be able to report from your cell phone immediately to your blog and your readers will be able to watch while you are doing it.

It’s ideal for politics and sports bloggers. For instance yesterday’s presidential debate was an ideal event for bloggers to use this tool: after the debate a lot of people turn to blogs to see what the comments are and being able to watch as political analysts write about it must be really exiting and it gives blogging a new dimension. But most of all, since we have been talking about the importance of blogs and the advantage of interaction it has over other media, this makes blogs even more interactive and will make readers feel like they are real part of the process of blogging.

I think this could be applied for practically all types of blogs(besides journalist’s blogs), for instance an artist’s blog: every time they post something his or her fans have the opportunity to be there in real time while he or she is writing it.

I haven’t tried it yet though, I hope it’s easy to use!.

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