Thursday, September 18, 2008

My three favorite blogs

I have to confess I don't usually read blogs. I began just a few days ago and I'm slowly getting used to the format and also enjoying it.

The first web that caught my attention is the Poynter web. I like the fact that in it you can find blogs with pretty much any information a journalist might be interested in, such as suggestions and tips amateur and senior journalists need nowadays to catch up with new everyday challenges in the journalism field. Amy Gahran wrote today about the importance of using blogs:

"Journalists at any career stage who hope to keep working and stay relevant regardless of the fortunes of any or all news organizations) should aspire to be as findable as possible. The easiest way to achieve this is to use your very own blog to build a strong, persistent personal brand.The key to building your personal brand is to publish easily findable content on your own site not just via your employer's site, nor just within a community site or group weblog. Your very own site. Having your own blog is media career insurance."

I will recommend also the Travel Pod website, it is essential for people who travels a lot and also for people who does not. If you will travel for the first time or you just don’t have that much experience in travelling this will be the ideal guide for you. You'll find comments about personal experiences from travelers that went to the most popular destinations, to places you’ve never heard of as well. If you are an experienced traveler, you’ll have a list of the top ranked hotels, restaurants and galleries, and amazing photos of those places.

Finally, I will suggest the Mabel Renfeldt's blog, a journalist in ABC Color newspaper from Paraguay. If you know a little Spanish, the blog will take you to places only good investigative reporting can. There is constant update on the development of current political and social issues in Paraguay and it is the most visited one in that country.

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